Patient Engagement & Education. –

Patient Engagement & Education. –

this is a one-page discussion board that consists of a series of questions that need to be answered bu using the articles and links provided as well as by using other resources.

My community settings include patients

Here are the instructions:
Respond from a third person perspective to these guiding prompts:
As a DNP nurse leader, how can you use the knowledge gained from Module E to affect system-level change to meet the current and future needs of communities and populations?
Consider the community and population you serve or provide care for as you compose your response. For example, is your ‘community’ setting in the community or within an organization? Does your population include patients or are they a department or group of employees?
How can you use patient education, engagement and patient activation to create change and improve health outcomes in your identified community and population?
2) Skill (Psychmotor) Questions:

You may have heard change is the only constant in life a quote from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. However, people respond to and handle change differently.
How can the skills of effective communication, collaboration, shared decision-making, and leadership enhance peoples ability to adjust to change and respond to change in their health care? Approach your response through the lens of patient education & engagement.

Remember to respond in the third person and bring in supporting literature and scholarly resources from Module E.

Here are some links :

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