Interests developed through experience –

Interests developed through experience –

Career and Work

“What do you do?”

· As we get older, we often define ourselves by what we do

· “I’m a”: Therapist, Student, Teacher, Nurse, Server, etc.

· When we meet someone, we often ask, so what do you do?

· Why do we ask this?

· Remember what you’ve learned about self concepts, we also form concepts of others

· This means we define people, in part, by what they do as a career

· What do you learn about someone when you ask?

· Personality characteristics

· Values

· Beliefs

· Interests


· In our current society, people can have many different experiences with work

· Some people start working at a young age, some wait until later in life

· Some people work many different jobs, some people stay in one field

· What we do for work often depends on things like accessibility, financial needs, scheduling, skill set

· What we do for work is not always the same as what we want (or think we want) for our career path

· Often work is pursued because of motivations other than beliefs or values

· Bills, kids, pets, expenses, etc.

How do we decide what we want to do?

· Family influences

· Fields we are exposed to (take your child to work day, etc.)

· Personality traits

· Interests developed through experience

· Spending time on a farm with your grandparents helping as a child

· Personal characteristics

· Intelligence

· Interests

· Skills

· Ability to learn and adapt

· Beliefs and values

· Someone inclined towards social justice issues might pursue a career in a helping field

· Someone who grows up to value justice and equality might pursue a field in law

· Value of education may influence you to want to be a teacher

How Do you Know what YOU want?

· Personal characteristics

· What do you like/dislike to do?

· What brings you a sense of purpose?

· Are you motivated by money? Schedule?

· What sparks your interest?

· What do you value?

· Family Influences

· What examples were you given?

· What were you taught about work?

· It’s just something you do to pay the bills

· It defines you

· What were you raised to value?

EX: What made you become a therapist?

· People often ask me why I became a therapist, usually followed by, “I don’t know how you do it.”

· Belief in Law of attraction

· You get what you give

· Meaning Making

· I believe the experiences I’ve had give me good perspective

· People person

· I enjoy connecting with people, I am interested in people

· Therapy helped me

· I value therapy because it was positive for me

· Didn’t become a famous comedian

· We adjust and refine our goals over time

· My parents were both in helping professions

· I spent a lot of time in hospitals, learned a lot about helping careers as a child

· In short, my career came about as a sum of my experiences

What do you do once you know?

· What are the options for the career you are choosing?

· Self employment or with a company?

· What kind of education/Certification will you need

· Where are these training programs located?

· What are their requirements/pre -requisites

· Will you need to start getting experience?

· Volunteer, shadowing

· What is the outlook for your chosen career?

· Salary

· Job growth/availability

· Location


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