Chapter #3 Discussion Question –

Chapter #3 Discussion Question –

Chapter #3 Discussion Question

There will be a discussion question for each chapter. The discussion question will remain open until the due date. No late work will be accepted. You can earn 25 points a week by participating in the discussion board. You will be graded on the quality of your responses, answers or questions, not merely on the fact that you participated. Please apply the Critical Thinking rubric to your work.

At the end of each of the Chapter in the text book there is a “Discussion Question” section. There are several discussion questions, choose one as the basis for your initial discussion topic.
Apply what you have learned in the chapter to the Discussion Question and share with the class your grounded interpretation and application to the question. Your discussion must be original and not just restate the questions and information presented to develop them. Reply to two of your peers postings, I want to see a fully developed paragraph, minimum of five sentence postings and replies.

Your posting must be Substantive:
Providing a new thought, idea or perspective
Citing and experience or example of what we are learning
Adding a new twist on a perspective
Critically thinking about an idea/concept
Questioning or challenging a principle or perspective

I do NOT consider the following types of comments to be substantive:

Very basic comment such as I agree or I disagree
Simply restating what has already been said unless there is a direct purpose in doing so
Disrespectfully disagreeing
Pat answers that are not thought provoking
Use of unedited dictation software comments

To receive the 25 points, you must do two things, First, reply to the posted topic, and Second, reply to at least two (2) of your classmates responses. The discussion board is meant to take the place of the normal in-class discussion that you have in a traditional class structure. Each posting and reply should consist of a complete paragraph of a minimum of five sentences. I will be using a rubric for grading of discussion boards so please expect some changes to the syllabus as the semester progresses.

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