answer each of these questions fully and concisely. Answers should fully explain the relevant views, and make clear how aspects of the views are relevant to the particular cases under discussion.

1.Your landlord believes that they are entitled to your rent every month in vitrtue of owning the property. Consider how this belief could be justified according to a Lockean theory of property and assess whether this a satisfactory justification of your landlords belief.

2. Aldo Leopold said that All ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise:  that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts. (203). Explain the significance of this idea to Leopolds thought, and assess whether it is successful.

3. Aimi Hamraie thematizes the experiences of fitting and misfitting. Explain the importance of these experiences in thinking about the construction of public spaces. Then use those concepts to identify an example of unjust construction of public space not discussed by Hamraie (perhaps one that affects a group of people different from people with disabilities).

4. Explain the problem of identifying a baseline for conservation as discussed by Emma Marris, then consider whether an analogous problem arise in the ethics of gentrification. How should we respond in the case of gentrification?


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