Discussion Question 8.10 – myassignmentgeek.net

Discussion Question 8.10 – myassignmentgeek.net

The question should have a response of 500 words and there should be 2 peer reviewed sources. It should also have 2 scriptural or biblical principles applied. The question should have its own references and not combined for both questions. The full question should not be included in the text.


What type of experimental design would you recommend in each of the following cases? Suggest in some detail how you would design each study:

a.    A test of three methods of compensation of factory workers. The methods are hourly wage, incentive pay, and weekly salary. The dependent variable is direct labor cost per unit of output.
b.    A study of the effect of various levels of advertising effort and price reduction on the sale of specific branded grocery products by a retail grocery chain.
c.    A study to determine whether it is true that the use of fast paced music played over a stores public address system will speed the shopping rate of customers without an adverse effect on the amount spent per customer.

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