15 slides powerpoint presentation on quot the negotiation process quot

Please go through chapter 14 in the attached text and prepare a power point presentation of 15 slides (reference slides not counted) on the topic “The Negotiation Process”. 15 slides related only to the research topic. Add reference slides in the last.

Text will be attached

Points to be remembered and must accomplished

1. The presentation will be at least 15-minutes long and supported by a minimum of 15-references from peer-reviewed articles – the research must be based on existing literature.

2. The accompanying PowerPoint deck will have at least 15-slides (not counting the introduction or reference slides).

3. PowerPoints will be graded on their overall quality and professionalism of the slides – the use of templates, graphics, and transitions.

4. The legibility of information on the slides will considered – is there to much material crammed on each slide or is the text too small to easily read.

it should be plagiarism free

cite all the refernces

should be in APA format


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