short answer

you need to answer two out of these four questions.  Each answer should span between 1/2 and 1 document page.
Essay questions:
Question 1) Describe the main considerations/inputs needed in the determination of sample size for a representative survey.  Discuss how they are related to one another and why.

Question 2) A marketing research manager intends to survey a simple random sample of Swiss consumers and ask questions about level of beverage consumption. How can she estimate the population standard deviation for this variable before selecting the sample? Why would she need to do that? What would happen if her initial estimate were not reflected in the sample results (i.e., if the estimated standard deviation in the sample turned out to be larger than expected)?

Question 3) A convenience store chain wants to determine the relationship between the income of customers and the frequency of visiting stores in the chain.  To answer your clients question, you would do a test of hypothesis.  State the null and alternative hypotheses for this particular study.  Which significance level alpha would you select?    If both income and frequency of store visits were measured on ordinal scales, how would you analyze the relationship between these two variables? Set up an example to illustrate your answer in the case of ordinal-scale variables and explain what kind of result would be evidence of this hypothetical relationship.

Question 4) Briefly describe two methods of analysis of association.  Discuss the relevance of analysis of association in general for marketing and provide examples.