Analyzing Developmental Theory

In this assignment, I will analyze a developmental theory relevant to childrens growth and development that was introduced in the module.

Create a 3- to 5-page paper (not including the title or references pages) in a Word document for my response.
Include an introduction and a conclusion in my paper.
Step 1.
Select a classic developmental theory addressed in the module.

Step 2.
Locate three recent research articles on your selected theory. Follow these guidelines:

Choose peer-reviewed articles preferably published within the last 7 years. Depending on your theory you may need to expand to the last 10 years.
Search for seminal articles by the theorists themselves. These may be more than 10 years old but will help you to better understand the theory.
Step 3.
Provide an APA citation and summary for each source.

Step 4.
Next, provide a detailed comparison of the articles, addressing how each article utilizes the classic theory and how it applies to working in early childhood education. Answer these questions in relation to each article:

What does the article say about the theory?
What developmental domain was addressed?
What age of individuals does the theory address?
What questions did the researchers ask in their study?
Who were their subjects?
What did the researchers find (answers to their questions)?
Step 5.
Finally, explain the aspects of the theory which are relevant to my practice and the ways in which I would use them.