Brain Homework

Piano playing: An Anatomy Review

Instructions: Explain the role of each of the following brain structures in playing the piano. Please be specific in relating the structure to the actual task of playing the piano. This will require that you think very carefully about what each brain area does functionally. Each answer will have 2 parts. First, you will need to describe what each part of the brain does. The second part of your answer must describe how this part is necessary for, or implicated in, the specific task of playing the piano.

The Medulla:____________________________________________________________

The Pons: ______________________________________________________________

The Reticular formation:___________________________________________________

The Cerebellum: _________________________________________________________

The Hippocampus: _______________________________________________________

The Hypothalamus: _______________________________________________________

The Occipital lobe: ________________________________________________________

The Temporal lobe: _______________________________________________________

The Parietal lobe: ________________________________________________________

The Frontal lobe:_________________________________________________________