week 3 most vulnerable to attack

Windows Servers and Windows Workstations are the most widely used operating environments of desktop computers but they are most vulnerable to attack. You are investigating the application that will scan the most common vulnerabilities in these systems (you just want to find the vulnerabilities and not to fix them). Research the Internet to find the most common vulnerability checks your application should perform. Only list them in the order of their importance. No need to describe them. For example, “Java Vulnerabilities” is a correct example but “virus vulnerability” is not because it is external to the operating system. Therefore, you should consider vulnerabilities that are or might be inherent in the operating system. Make sure you include your source in the answer.

References this book and also internet :

Corporate Computer Security (Online Courses ONLY )

Author: Randall J. Boyle

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 978-0133545197



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