‘-The neatly completed Lab Report Sheet- Activation Energy (found

DataReaction: S20g 2- + 21– 12 + 2802-TrialTemperature (C)Temperature (K)Time (sec)111.1112221.061331.033439.52354815ResultsTrialTemperature (K)1/Temperature1/TimeLn (1/Time)(1/K<)(1/sec)NP341. Transfer the time/temperature data to an Excel spreadsheet.2. Use the operations in Excel to calculate In(1/At) and 1/T (remember T must be in Kelvin).3. Plot In(1/At) vs 1/T in a scatter plot format (do not connect the data points) and apply a linearDisplay the trendline, the equation for the trendline and the R2 value on the graph.4. Use the slope of the trendline to calculate the Activation Energy of the reaction.Activation Energy =5. Using your results, calculate how long it would take for the reaction to occur at 0 C.Time for Reaction to Occur at 0 C =6. Explain what would happen if you inadvertently forgot to add the sodiumthiosulfate to the reaction mixture. Type your answer.


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