Week 5 responses

Jennifer Martinez

RE: Week 5 – Discussion


As manager finding the most productive, friendliness, positive individuals to build a team can be challenging, but these are the collective strengths that are most important for establishing a collaborative team environment. These characteristics contribute to a powerful group because they will be able to focus on goals and results, offer each other support and everyone will contribute their fair share. Based on the reading “What Makes High-Performance Teams Excel?” The key influences on a team’s success are likely to be much more humanistic (Daniel & Davis, Jul/Aug2009); Humanistic in that these are the personalities that will make for a great team.

On the opposite side there are three behaviors of individual team members that will most likely to lead to team dysfunction or lack of collaboration:

  1. Team members that avoid taking accountability
  2. Team members are not focus on the results
  3. Team members that are not committed business or organization

When managing a team like this introducing positive teamwork habits can influence the group.

Based on my reading from “Why teams don’t work” (Coutu, 2009) the best way to manage and create an environment in which teams are more likely to be productive and successful, is to first host an introduction meeting in which expectations are communicated and members can be familiarized to their tasked. Second have the teams create a clear and captivating cause through performance strategy and thirdly at the end of the projected establish team goals moving forward.



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Jalen Wheat

RE: Week 5 – Discussion


Having a collaborative overall team can lead to not only company success, but general joy for an individual to go into work everyday. You first have to identify the people you are working with as their behaviors are going to be different. People today do not think, feel and behave as in previous generations (Casse, P., & Banahan, E. 2011).  Putting a well rounded team together can pay dividends for a company as you can then branch out as a whole to recruit more people. Three characteristics that I would choose in a individual to add to a collaborative team would be patient, honest, and respectful. These 3 characteristics will be essential to finding the perfect employee to add to almost any group.

When it comes to being patient, there are going to be challenging times throughout the work week where the projects that are being worked on. There will be times where each employee will get frustrated rather it be from rushed due dates or just problem solving itself and you need someone who will have patience in that group to settle the storm. Patience will always in the heat of the moment find a solution because their decisions are never rushed. Being respectful at work can go a long way also because they will gain popularity amongst the team. Everyone will lean towards this person on a day to day basis as the trust will be built towards this person as sort of a secondary leader from the higher-ups. Being honest would be the last characteristic in a individual perfect for fitting into a collaborative team when the leader can trust their honesty. Every employer wants a honest individual working for them as they don’t have to double check their work because the trust is within that individual. Thus making the work easier for the team as the employer will be comfortable with handing them a task or project.

The typical environment that I would create for a team to be more productive and successful would be one that has a open door policy. I would let my employees know that there is no such thing as a dumb question and if they have any concerns I would mak it my motive to fully help them within their positions.  Caring about other people, paying attention to their feelings and emotions, listening and giving feedback, facilitating communication (Casse, P., & Banahan, E. 2011). Another addition would be setting up weekly short team meetings with the staff so that we can be all on the same page, as were looking at what we want to accomplish that week. A summary of the whole open door policy will be just be an all around open communication for the employees. At that point I believe that is the first stepping stone towards success for a company as you grow each yea


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