Population Ecology Assignment over Yellowstone Elk….

Times New…12BIU AN GHEE13 1 1 1 1 1 1 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 151 1 16 1 1 11 17 1 1 17Elk Habitat Activity 6Wolves primarily prey on the young and weak members of a population. Because the average age of theMadison River Valley elk herd has been reduced due to the toxic levels of fluorine and the ingestion of silicondioxide, higher numbers of adult elk are susceptible to predation by wolves due to the reduced number ofyounger elk. In addition, the snowpack on the slopes adjacent to the Madison River Valley is deep. Wolves havelearned to force the elk away from the geothermal areas in the river drainage and into the surrounding slopeswhere the elk get stuck in the deep snow and become easy prey.15. What additional evidence is given above? How does it further explain the reduced population in theMadison River Valley elk herd?16. Explain how habitat plays a role in the differences between the population of the two elk herds. Using 3examples from this reading, show how the elk populations were affected by different aspects of each habitat.80F3000F4F5F6DIIDDF7F8F9F10$%A&


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