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Required sections of the project: History, Current Events, Management/Human Resources, Social Responsibility, Operations, Marketing/Industry, Financial Analysis, and Conclusion due ON OR BEFORE MONDAY, JUNE 24, BY THE END OF THE DAY..

You are to pretend that you are a management trainee hired to conduct research on a Fortune 500 company. You will need to follow specific instructions to complete each section of the report. You will answer a series of questions in each assignment that you must answer about your company and place that information in the respective section of the report. You may not cut/paste information from a website. If you cut/paste information, then you will be subject to failing the paper or at least a significant deduction of points.

The project is worth 20 % OF YOUR OVERALL COURSE GRADE. You will need to provide a reference page at the end of the report that shows where you got your information from for your report.

This report must be professional and have correct grammar and spelling.


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