hr project paper and powerpoint presentation 5 pages and 5 sources

1- Applied Research Project: Students will research a current human resource topic that is relevant to them in their workplace or profession. The project should examine a human resource issue that has been problematic and offer a current or potential solution. The paper should be prepared as if it was an internal consulting report to be presented to the organization’s decision makers. The paper should include: Introduction, Statement of Issue with stakeholders impacted, Related Research, Page 4 of 7 Possible Alternatives/Solutions, Ethical Implications, Recommendation(s), and Global Relevancy (if it is the case and if not, then state that). Students may want to rename the organization and individuals for confidentiality purposes. The paper should be: double spaced, 12 pt. font, in APA style, with 1-inch margins and with at least five scholarly (peer- reviewed) references. The paper should be at least five pages total, not including title page or reference page. Students are also required to include an Assignment Cover Sheet (see Appendix). See Embedded Rubric for Applied Paper for grading criteria.

2- Presentation: Students will use the HR Project Paper as a basis for the HR Project Presentation. This should be prepared professionally as if it were to be presented to a supervisor and/or to a bank for funding.

3 powerpoint presentation should be related to the paper. and 6 slides minimum..


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