the impact of globalization on conflict

We have examined globalization’s effect on China. What about India? During the Cold War, while India sought to maintain a non-hostile relationship with the Soviet Union, U.S. relations with India were cold.Relations with India became worse when the U.S. sided with Pakistan during its conflict with India. However, India’s relationship with the United States has improved since the Cold War. What impact has globalization had on our conflict with India?

Think about the previous examination of China. For this project, your job is to write the content for a new page of this course titled India and Globalization.

  1. After reading your page, other students should be able to do the following:
    • Identify positive effects of globalization on India
    • Identify negative effects of globalization on India
    • Compare modern U.S. relations with India to relations with China
  2. Your pages should include commentary with your thoughts on the following question:
    Why does the U.S. have a better chance of maintaining long-term strong relations with India than it does with China?
  3. Include a picture with a caption to go on your page.
    You may find images using the Google image search function with key words such as: India, Globalization, industry, economy, and trade
  4. Include a list of four more websites or articles that you read to support the information on your page.(You should not include the websites below.)

Use the The CIA Country Factbook to review data about India’s people and its economy, and then use the rest of the links to examine globalization’s effects on India.

  • BBC News: Is globalisation a force for good in India?
  • Economy Watch: Globalization in India
  • Effects of Globalization on Indian Industry

Use a search engine to find more information about globalization’s effect on India by searching with the following key words: “globalization, India, trade, economy, media, effect”


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