Discussion:What Good Primary Care Constitutes

Discussion:What Good Primary Care Constitutes

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Discussion:What Good Primary Care Constitutes

Most people misunderstand what constitutes really good
primary care. We can slow
the aging process with appropriate life style.That is good but it is
not enough. As we age it’s also important to have comprehensive primary
care. The usual expectation is that primary care is just for the “simple
stuff” or for episodic care when we have a problem but that is a gross
A complete health
assessment is the systematic and continuous collection, organization,
validation and documentation of data. A complete assessment is a part of each
activity that the nurse does for and with the patient. The purpose of such a
service is to validate a diagnosis, provide a basis for effective nursing care,
helps in effective decision making, is a basis for accurate diagnosis, and
promotes holistic nursing care.

Discussion:What Good Primary Care Constitutes
Above all this that is mentioned
about complete health assessment is a comprehensive primary care which is
actually much different from complete health assessment. A comprehensive
primary care means a close relationship between you and your primary care
physician (PCP) which is of course required to build trust and to heal. It
means dealing with the episodic medical problems which occur from day to day
and month to month throughout life. It also means actively managing serious
chronic illnesses (a specialist in fact is rarely needed). It means
coordinating that care however when specialists are needed. It means helping
you to maintain your wellness and your health and working with you at chronic
illness risk factor detection and reduction. And it means preventing acute
illnesses through vaccines and other approaches. This is
comprehensive primary care and when it is comprehensive it can deal with
perhaps 90+% of all of our health care needs. Specialists are rarely
needed, prescription use goes down and hospitalization rates fall
on one hand is the first and most critical step of nursing process. Accuracy of
assessment data affects all other phases of the nursing process. A complete data
base of both subjective and objective data allows the nurse to formulate
nursing diagnosis, develop client goals, and intervenes to promote heath and
prevent disease.On the other hand although comprehensive
primary care certainly costs more, but it offers better health and wellness. It
offers better quality of care. Patient and doctor are more satisfied and in the
end it substantially reduces thetotalcost of care because of the reduced
necessity for specialists, testing, prescriptions and hospitalizations. Hence
providing a comprehensive primary care I believe is much better than providing
just a complete health assessment as this leads to better wellbeing of the
patients in the long run and age gracefully.

.gha.net.au/”>http://www.gha.net.au/NRS-441V: Capstone ProjectTopic 4: Checklist Developing an Evaluation
Plan and Disseminating Evidence Instructions:This checklist is designed to help students organize the
weekly exercises/assignments to be completed as preparation for the final,
capstone project proposal. This checklist will also serve as a communication
tool between students and faculty. Comments, feedback, and grading for modules
1-4 will be documented using this checklist.




Comments / Feedback


Developing an
Evaluation Plan

Described methods used to evaluate
effectiveness of proposed solution.

____/ 4

Described variables to be assessed when
evaluating project outcomes.

____/ 4

Developed tools necessary to educate project

_____ / 14

Developed assessment tool(s) necessary to
evaluate project outcomes.

_____ /14

Written Format & Length Requirements for Developing an
Evaluation Plan

Assignment formatted according to APA.
Word Count: 500-1,000

_____/ 2

_____/ 2

Disseminating Evidence

Discussed strategy for disseminating results
of project to key stakeholders.

_____ / 18

Discussed strategy for disseminating
significance of project outcomes to greater nursing community.

_____ / 18

Written Format & Length Requirements for Disseminating

Assignment formatted according to APA.
Word Count: Evidence

_____/ 2

_____/ 2


_____ / 80

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