500 words on mental health related issue choose recent article

Op- Ed instructions:

An introduction to the field of science advocacy. Your chance to prove a (scientifically supported) point about a mental health-related issue that you care about.

For this assignment, you’ll write your own scientific opinion piece. In so doing, you’ll learn how to effectively craft and refine an argument, identify supporting evidence, and make a compelling case that will be accessible to a general, non-expert audience.

  • Craft a succinct yet impactful headline for your piece that clearly signals not only your topic, but also the position you are taking.
    • Now that you’ve identified your topic, articulate 2-4 claims that you can make in support of your overall argument. Then, identify at least one piece of scientific evidence (i.e., a peer-reviewed journal article) that you can use to effectively support each claim
    • write a 500 op-ed piece on your chosen topic. This piece should express a personal opinion broadly related to an issue of mental health/illness and feature several claims supported by scientific evidence, all in language accessible to a general audience.Example op-ed: http://time.com/4583843/stop-hate-influencers/


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