Business analysis report

Write an ethics report analyzing Strategic Compliance Management and Transparency issues of a rapidly expanding international company.

In your last job, you learned that a new company, Boomerang Industrial Complexity (BIC), was advertising for a business consultanta job you wanted; the consultant was to provide input on compliance measures enabling the organization to minimize ethical and legal breaches. The company was growing rapidly, moving from a regional customer base, to an expanding global market involving customers in Europe and Asia; this resulted in bumping headlong into multiple compliance constraints around the globe.

The company was also hiring multinational teams to run operations in each major country. Only one year ago, it employed 10 people, and now it numbered over 100 employeeswith plans to double that number in the next two years. One concern the CEO expressed was that of facing different cultures with different ethical expectations.

Last, but not least, were the efforts of a non-profit organizationTransparency in American Business (TAB)that expressed concern the corporation was hiding questionable business practices. They wanted to meet with the CEO, but the CEO stated his policy was clear: no external groups were going to tell the company how to run its operations. As a result, TAB seem to increase its advertising campaign against the companyalleging the company had plans to hire child labor and practice bribery to run overseas operations. TAB even questioned whether the companys next move was to conduct financial operations outside the United States.

Your job interviews went extremely well and the CEO seemed to respect your viewshiring you the next week. He stressed that he did not want legal advice per sethe company had a lawyer; what he wanted was an outline of general recommendations to focus the new executive management team on a set of company objectives that would help them ethically navigate their rapidly changing environment. The CEO felt now was the time to establish an ethical organizational culture, as well as encourage the management team to develop practices that ensured organizational legitimacy among other businesses.

Once you set up a temporary office, you had open access to the CEO and company employees. You realized that initially, you needed to provide a short initial recommendations report, so as not to overwhelm the organization with a blanket document addressing A to Z compliance considerations. You also knew that the best way for your views to carry weight, would be to offer a short example of why each recommendation is important.


Answer the case as if you are a consultant/advisor; write your paper as if the CEO will read your work.

In a short introduction, describe the overall problem, and two specific issues that need to be addressed.

In the body, complete an analysis of each issue; what is the issue and why is it important (if unresolved how might it harm the company)?

In the conclusion, provide at least one recommendation that will address each issue, and explain how this will resolve the problem.

supporting examples are good ways to reinforce your recommendations.