Role Change Assignments

Using your Potter & Perry, Claywell and Lweis textbook and information from the Texas Board of Nursing, answer the following questions.  Make sure to address all 3 questions.
You are the RN caring for an elderly woman who has suffered a hip fracture. The charge nurse RN has been called to the room of another patient in respiratory distress.  You discover that the PICC line in your patient has become dislodged. The woman’s daughter, who us visiting and is also an RN, insists that you remove the PICC line immediately and insert and IV line.  Suddenly a code is called. The LVN in the room with you tells you that she has experience with both procedures.
1. What would you do and why?
Locate your state nurse practice act (NPA) and read the educational requirements and the scope of practice for the LPN/LVN and the RN. Then:
2. Write your understanding of your scope of practice as an LVN
3. Relate your understanding of your future scope of practice as an RN
Make sure to include Cover Page and Referwnce page. No abstract is needed.
APA format for in’text citations
You will also need to include the reference for textbook and Texas BON at the bottom