discussion gist and differentiated instruction

Discussion: GIST and Differentiated Instruction:

For this discussion you will have an opportunity to try out an activity with your students, and then discuss the experience with your classmates. Begin by reviewing the reading on GIST, as well as the GIST Template. Then, develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • How effective was this activity with your students?
  • How did its effectiveness differ, if at all, with students who require differentiated instruction?
  • What advantages and disadvantages do you think this strategy offers, especially for English language learners?
    • If you are not currently teaching, do the GIST activity yourself and respond how you would perceive its use.

Please post a response and reply to the main response of at least five (5) other students.

Generating Interactions between Schemata and Texts (GIST)

What is GIST?

GIST (Cunningham, J. 1982) is an acronym for Generating Interactions between Schemata and Texts. This strategy helps students write organized summaries of their reading. Students benefit from stategy instruction that they can practice independently and then apply to more intense reading.

GIST instructions:

  1. Have students find a short article on the web or in a journal. Limits on the subject matter can be defined by the teacher. Article should be no more than 2 pages.
  2. Have students read the article and then fill out a GIST form.
  3. In this GIST form students are looking for Who, What, Where, Why, When, How and then summarizing the article in 20 words. See link below for GIST template.

Here is the GIST Template in PDF format.


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